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Meal and drink preparation

We are registered with the Local Authority as an organisation who is involved in food preparation and we have been assessed by local Environmental Health Officers

Our care workers receive training related to food allergies and understanding the components of a healthy diet and can offer health advice to clients to prevent diet-related complications and deterioration of health. DICE Healthcare care workers are familiar with basic knowledge of the interactions between some medications and diet e.g. not to take grapefruit products if taking statins.

All DICE care workers are trained in food safety, including storage, handling and preparation so if clients need help with these activities you can be confident that standards of food safety are very good. There are times that clients may neglect their need to eat and drink therefore the help our care workers can offer ranges from assisting the client to prepare a snack such as sandwiches to cooking a complete meal ‘from scratch’. We can help in prepare shopping lists, accompany the client to the supermarket or do the shopping on their behalf. We can remind clients to eat the food left for them and monitor their food and drink input referring them to other agencies as necessary.