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The aim of recruitment and selection is to attract then appoint the best person with the necessary attitude, skills and abilities to do the job to meet our high standards.

DICE Healthcare Ltd is committed to equal opportunities and welcomes applications from all who believe they fit the essential requirements of the job.

Shortlisting for interview will be done using a scoring system by at least two people, following which successful candidates will be invited for a face to face interview. During this process candidates will be asked to discuss care scenarios and answer various questions.

We have an open door policy and have a listening, responding and learning culture. We try hard to be respectful and caring towards our staff; we have flexible working patterns and try to ensure our staff do not work more than 5 days a week and have 2 weekends off per month. We are a transparent company who holds regular meetings where open and honest discussions are encouraged. We are appreciative and supportive of our staff and foster a positive culture in the workplace, we recognise the value of staff well being yet we will address behaviours that are inconsistent with our organisational values.

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What we look for:

Why join our organisation:

Block pay (in other words if you are out of the house with your first client from 08.00 and finish with your last client at 14.00 you will be paid for all this time even if you have a gap of one and half hours or less). In reality, if you work for other organisations but only get paid for the time you are with clients you might, in theory, be on more per hour but you see less in your pay packet. Don’t be fooled!

For example – if you are on £9.50 per hour but during the six hours you are out of the house you are travelling and are only with clients for 4.5 hours = your pay will be £9.50 X 4.5 = £42.75
On our pay rate you will get £8.91 per hour for the full 6 hours = £53.46. We pay £9.40 at weekends so you would get £56.40.

Stand by pay– As we give all members of staff two weekends off a month, we work with half staff most weekends. ‘Stand by’ is available to all staff and is paid at £30.00 per half day and £60.00 per full day. This is an incentive for employees to volunteer should they be needed to work. This is paid regardless of whether employees are needed or not. If employees are needed to work (E.G. to cover absence) they are then paid for any work that they do.

We believe all of the above benefits supports staff retention. This is very important to give continuity of care to our valued clients. In addition to having a positive workplace culture we believe that if we care for our staff, develop their strengths, pay them appropriately and give them the opportunity to grow they will want to stay with the company.

This has proved to be a successful strategy so far as our staff turnover is very low.

If you feel that you would like more information about working for DICE Healthcare please e-mail your contact details to ,fill out the form below or you can always call one of the friendly Managers on 01623 880133 to arrange a visit to our headquarters.

Current Vacancies:

Position Mentor
Hourly rate £9.19 + mileage (weekday)

£9.79 + mileage (weekend)

£100 on-call Fee (£10 Monday – Friday £25 sat & sun).

Contracted status Hours to suit the business

Min 20hrs – Max 25 contracted hours (plus hours to manage tasks) – across both roles

Two full weekends a month.

Hours of work Must be available to work from 07.00 – 22.00 daily


Location Mansfield and surrounding areas


Reporting to Care Co-ordinator
Job purpose ·        To work as a community care worker – working to existing care worker roles and responsibilities

·        Mentor a team of Care workers

·        Support management team

·        Take on-call phone 1 week in Four (plus covering sickness and annual leave)

·        To create and maintain good and professional relationships with Staff.

·        To actively support New Care Workers in completing their competency booklet.






Recording and Reporting

·        To provide out of hours’ support and report to management

·        To deal with and record any complaints out of hours, liaising with silver on call

·        To arrange cover when staff are off at short notice (sickness etc) while on call

·        Provide an email to managers of the issues that have occurred whilst carrying the on-call phone

·        To provide a weekly (every Monday) record of any planned supervision or spot checks you are carrying out, to include date, time and employees name


·        Support Care co-ordinator as required

·        Hold supervision meeting with Care Workers within own team every 8 weeks

·        Perform observation checks on carers within your team at least every 6 months (or as required)

·        To participate in any other relevant meetings

·        To attend in house and external training pertinent to the role of Mentor

·        Any other duties requested by Management, which are within the scope of the post





Community Care Worker
HOURLY RATE £8.91 + Mileage

£9.40 at weekends

CONTRACTED STATUS Full-time (37.5 hours excluding breaks) including two weekends a month and at least two evenings a week.

Part-time (Minimum 16 hours) including two weekends a month and at least one evening a week.

HOURS OF WORK Bank – Hours to suit employee and organisation

Flexible- Depending on the needs of the business



Mansfield, Ashfield, Bassetlaw, Newark & Sherwood



Management team


Service Manager

JOB PURPOSE ·       To look after the physical, emotional, cultural and social needs of the clients using a person centred approach.

·       To observe and promote the Client’s choice, independence, dignity, privacy, fulfilment and other rights.

·       To create and maintain good and professional relationships with Clients, their family, friends and other stakeholders.

·       To actively support other Care Workers.

·       To adhere to all regulatory and statutory obligations and the company’s policies, procedures and guidelines.

·       Promote a positive, personal and professional profile, ensuring the good reputation at all times




·       To provide personal care and support to Clients with a wide range of needs, illnesses and disabilities.

·       To know and understand the care and support of the Client.

·       To undertake the tasks detailed in the Client’s care and support plan using a person centred approach and in the least intrusive way.

·       To encourage the independence and motivation of the Client

·       To assist Clients with their medication at the agreed level of support and as detailed in their Medication Care Needs Assessment.

·       To prepare food and drink for the Client as required, being aware of the Client’s choice, likes/dislikes, nutritional needs and cultural requirements.

·       To provide light general household domestic duties, including housework and laundry, as detailed in the care plan or instructed by Management.

·       To use manual handling equipment safely and correctly.

·       To take responsibility for the safe handling of property and equipment belonging to the Client.

·       To maintain good communication and develop effective working relationships with Clients.

·       To provide companionship to the Client, actively talking and listening to them about their interests.

·       To help the Client to maintain contact with their family and friends.

·       To accompany the Client on trips into the community.

·       To ensure the living environment for the Client is as safe as possible whilst respecting the Client’s choice and rights.


Recording and Reporting

·       To maintain detailed, accurate records in respect of care and medication support given and tasks undertaken.

·       To regularly read care and support plans, acknowledging changes.

·       To protect the confidentiality of all information relating to the Client and not divulge information to anyone who is not authorised to receive it.

·       To promptly report to the office or Out of Hours on call manager any issues concerning the care, support, wellbeing or behaviour of the Client and update records accordingly.

·       To continue to monitor where concerns have been reported and recorded.

·       To recognise the signs of abuse and immediately report abuse or suspected abuse to a Manager.

·       To report any complaints to the office or Out of Hours on call manager.

·       To contact the office or Out of Hours on call manager if running late.



·       To dress appropriately, wearing uniform and using personal protective equipment provided by the organisation.

·       To seek out best practice and look at innovative ways to improve the quality and efficiency of service delivery.

·       To attend and participate in regular Care Worker team meetings and any other relevant meetings.

·       To attend in house and external training pertinent to the role of Care Worker.

·       To maintain continuous professional development

·       To observe all health & safety rules and take reasonable care to promote health and safety of self and others and raise any concerns.

·       Attend appraisals with line manager

·       Any other duties requested by Management, which are within the scope of the post.


Special conditions attached to post


·       DBS will be required